Friday, March 5, 2010

My yarn obsession has long taken over my life. I've tried, ineffectively, for a long time, to organize my stash. My new years resolution was to not buy any yarn this year, but I'm thinking about changing it to not buying any yarn, until all of my stash has been organized and I know exactly what I have.

The plan, for the moment, is to enter EVERYTHING into Ravelry and then redistribute so that all of the same yarns are stored together. If I enter one bin of yarn a day, I should be done with the yarn in the garage in a few weeks. If I enter one shelf a day of the yarn in the cats' room, it should take another week. The yarn in the living room should take another week or so. And the yarn in the workroom should take another week. So, in two months, I should have all my yarn entered, if I stick to the plan.

Here's bin #1

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  1. Oh, my! Your yarn obsession is like my cook book obsession! I am constantly reshelving, reorganizing and unfortunately purchasing more! Good luck with the project.